Telling your Story and Closing the Sale

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facebook_logoI am so excited to be working with Renegade Craft Fair to produce a monthly vendor tips series! RCF is an awesome resource for the DIY craft community. The first post went out this week to the RCF community about Engaging Your Customers.

Here’s a snippet:

Back when I was making soy candles, I traveled to countless craft shows to sell my wares, meeting many amazing crafters along the way and gaining insights on how these crafters interacted with potential customers. Unfortunately, I also realized that too many sales were left on the table because the crafter failed to engage the person standing in the booth.

Put yourself in the shoes of the Renegade Craft Fair attendee: for a fun activity, he or she chose to drive/transit to this craft show; potentially pay to park; and then walk around between the different vendors, all with the goal of spending more money when they choose to buy a product. Why? What are his or her motivations?

At the core, we, as customers, buy things to satisfy our needs and our wants (Marketing 101). But in a society like ours, we have many, many ways to satisfy these same needs or wants—everything from cheap, mass-market products to custom, made-by-hand goods.

People come to RCF for the experience of the event, and they have a vested interest in goods made by artisans and crafters likely for one of two reasons (or both): (1) They want quality, made-by-hand goods and (2) They believe in supporting independent artisans and crafters.

These are their core motivations and they matter to you, as a maker, very much because your ability to sell to them depends on matching their desires.

You can read the full post here.