Try before Buy: Get new customers to take the first step

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I’m excited to be working with Renegade Craft Fair on a series of monthly vendor tips. This month, we’re talking about the process of gaining new customers. Read on for a short blurb and then head over to RCF for the full text!

Try before Buy: Get new customers to take the first step toward you

In the hollows of my bathroom is an expensive graveyard of beauty products gone wrong. These are items for which I forked over some cash and then they let me down. As you might imagine, it’s left me a little wary of buying beauty products that I know nothing about—even if the packaging is just so delicious looking. Maybe it’s not beauty products for you, but you probably can relate to the feeling of spending hard earned money on a product that didn’t pan out.

There’s this awesome looking line of local body products that I’ve had my eye on, but the lowest price point is $18, and I’ve got two opposing voices arguing both for and against trying out this new product. It could be the best thing you’ve ever purchased, says the one. But think about your bathroom graveyard, says the other. And so it went—until—I had the opportunity to sample the products at a local store.

This is often how the process of acquiring new customers goes. We get used to buying things we know, because we don’t want to be let down by things we don’t know.

You can imagine how this feels for your customers. Everything about your product is so alluring—and you even make it yourself! Until this thought flashes across the mainframe of your potential customer’s mind: “what if I spend money on this product, only to find out it’s not as great as I imagined?”

To gain new customers, you must figure out ways to move people past this thought.

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