Oh, the Places You’ll Go by making the best of Holiday Markets

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I’m excited to be working with Renegade Craft Fair on a series of monthly vendor tips. This month, we’re talking about how to make the most of holiday markets. Read on for a short blurb and then head over to RCF for the full text!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go by making the best of Holiday Markets

You have product ready;
You have crafted your pitch.
You will rock the holiday market without a hitch;
But before you go on your merry way,
read a few extra tips to make the best of the day!

Q: What’s better than making a sale at a holiday market?

A: Gaining a loyal customer who makes a purchase at a holiday market and then many more purchases in 2015!

The next few weeks will bring a steady stream of customers to your business — customers marching to the tunes of holiday music in their heads and gift-giving on their minds. These customers are primed and ready to purchase, and while yes, they represent a sale now, more importantly, they represent potential sales in the future, too.

Think of the holiday market as a rom-com style meet-cute, the foredestined meeting between you and your soon-to-be loyal customers, sparking a relationship that just begins on that day.

If done correctly, these customers will remember you and will purchase again — the markings of a beautiful, mutually beneficial customer relationship. Not only that; they will also pollinate the fields for you by spreading your products far and wide as they travel this holiday season.

So don’t fall into the one-and-done holiday sales trap. Get out your 2015 goggles and see the holiday market through the lenses of the future.

Good, Better and Best Strategies to Parlay Holiday Sales into Loyal Customers

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