Entrepreneur’s Weekly Planner (or how to keep your business and your sanity)

If there’s a consistent sentiment among makers and crafters, it’s this: there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.

You’re the artist, the maker, the assistant, the buyer, the customer service rep — and you still have a life to live! Maybe you’ve even wondered, “is this really what I bargained for?”

Fortunately, there are a few time tricks to help you prioritize and to get it done. This is not to say you will get it all done. This process will help you get the important things done.

Too often unexpected tasks arise during your week that you didn’t plan for, and they demand your attention… Now. These tiny little time sucks add up to a lot of time sucking, and unfortunately, planning for your business’s future or growing your sales are often the things that get eliminated as a result.

The Entrepreneur's Weekly Planner (how to keep your business and your sanity) | KT BauerInstead, try using this useful little tool: An Entrepreneur’s Weekly Planner (or how to keep your business and your sanity).

How to use the Entrepreneur’s Weekly Planner

Prioritize your to-do list: The Eisenhower Method basically says to break your tasks into what is important and what is urgent.

1. Obviously if something is both important + urgent, it goes to the top of your to-do list.

2. Next, this method suggests that you prioritize the important but not urgent tasks. It  will ensure that growing your customer base, creating a marketing plan and planning for your business’s future actually happen.

3. Then work on the urgent, but not important, tasks.

4. Rounding out the least priority are tasks that are neither important nor urgent.

Create your top three goals for the week: These are the three things that must happen before the week ends.

Schedule your time: Yes, you really do need to sleep. And eat, too. No, you can not leave either one out, and no, four hours of sleep a night doesn’t cut it.

  1. Fill in your schedule with your top three goals first.
  2. Then write in tasks according to priority: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  3. And now put in when you will: Eat. Sleep. Spend time with family and friends. Exercise. Because really, these are the ways you will actually keep your business and your sanity.