Handy Dandy Break Even Calculator

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This handy dandy break-even calculator allows you to calculate the number of units you need to sell for your costs to equal your revenue. If you sell one unit more than the break-even point, then you have made a profit. … Continued

Made in the South Awards + $10k Prize

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To crafters and creatives in sweet Southern States: Garden & Gun is holding the fifth annual Made in the South Awards with a $10,000 top prize. Categories include: food, drink, outdoors, style & design, or home. Entries are due by … Continued

Women, this message is for you.

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I have met with hundreds of entrepreneurs to talk about their business ideas and business issues, and some striking differences between the men and the women have made themselves apparent. Basically: the women are much more likely to give their … Continued

Who wants what you’ve got?

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Q: I have a product that appeals to everyone, but my sales are slow. I need to know how to go about marketing. What would you suggest? A: Let’s back up… right to the part where you say your product … Continued

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