3 Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

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I’m excited to be working with Renegade Craft Fair on a series of monthly vendor tips. This month, we’re talking about how to make the most of the holiday sales season. Read on for a short blurb and then head over to RCF for the full text!

3 Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

Ready or not, the holidays are coming. And they’re going to bring out the holiday shoppers in full force. By planning ahead and by making a few strategic tweaks, you can appeal to the senses of the holiday shopper and boost your sales.

1)    Make enough to sell enough

As a soy candle maker, I sold nearly as much after Nov. 1 as I did the entire rest of the year. Selling that amount in 6-8 weeks required advance planning so that I had enough inventory on hand.

Select 2-3 popular items: Last year I wanted to buy a handmade gift for a close family member, but the turnaround time was six weeks for each custom piece. The seller had a long list of items she could make, but she hadn’t made them in advance for the holidays. I couldn’t give this family member an IOU, so unfortunately, I had to purchase a different product. A better strategy would have been for her to refine her long product list into a few popular items and make them in advance. Even if she had leftover inventory, it would have been useful the next year, and she wouldn’t have lost important sales at the holidays.

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